Trauma and Post-Trauma Well-Being Package

This package is available in English and Spanish.

The National Family Preservation Network is pleased to offer the first-of-its-kind assessment tool for Trauma and Post-Trauma Well-Being (T/WB) that measures the functioning of the entire family in those areas. The two T/WB domains were added to assist workers to become aware of the symptoms and indicators of trauma and to assess for trauma and the degree of severity. The T/WB tool has a rating of "Psychometrics Demonstrated" on the California Evidence-Based Clearinghouse.

These T/WB domains join the 11 other domains in the North Carolina Family Assessment Scale (NCFAS) family of tools. Current authorized use or purchase of a NCFAS tool is required prior to obtaining the T/WB Package. The T/WB tool is offered as a separate package. There are some differences from the other NCFAS domains that are explained in the package.

The Trauma domain comprises the following subscales:

  • Traumatic Sexual Abuse of Children
  • Traumatic Physical Abuse of Children
  • Traumatic Neglect of Children
  • Traumatic Emotional/Psychological Abuse of Children
  • Parent/Caregiver Trauma
  • Overall Trauma

The Post-Trauma Well-Being domain comprises the following subscales:

  • Post-Traumatic Cognitive and Physical Well-Being of Children
  • Post-Traumatic Emotional/Psychological Well-Being of Children
  • Post-Traumatic Social Functioning of Children
  • Post-Trauma Parent/Caregiver Support of Children
  • Post-Trauma Parent/Caregiver Well-Being
  • Overall Post-Trauma Well-Being

The T/WB Package includes:

  • Package Instructions
  • T/WB Scale and Definitions
  • Assessment Questions
  • Case Study and Sample Ratings
  • Form for Service Planning
  • PowerPoint Presentation for Staff Training
  • Frequently Asked Questions about the T/WB
  • License to Use the T/WB (issued to the purchasing agency)

The cost for the T/WB Package is based on the number of workers using the tool. To place an order contact us

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