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Family Assessment–LDC Tool

The Family Assessment–LDC is a basic, low-cost, checklist instrument for use with families in least developed countries.*

The purpose of the Family Assessment–LDC is to:

  1. provide a family assessment tool for use by a variety of workers (professional and paraprofessional) serving families in least developed countries.
  2. use standard international definitions to assess the state of family well-being.
  3. identify and prioritize needs of families and services to assist them.
  4. track improvement of family well-being.
  5. assist NGO’s (non-government organizations) to identify unmet needs of families at the community level, develop services to meet these needs, and track improvements at the community level.
  6. provide a source of comprehensive data for international organizations, policy makers, and funders that assist least developed countries.
The tool is in an easy-to-use checklist format that collects data on all family members, including:
  • income,
  • health,
  • education,
  • employment,
  • safety,
  • environment, and
  • a summary of family vulnerability.

Aggregate data on a number of families in a defined geographical location provides a picture of the needs of that community in order to assist NGOs, policy makers, and funders to target services to meet those needs.

Click here to read more about the development and testing of this tool.

  Download a Sample of the Family Assessment-LDC Tool — Environment Matrix (73.30 Kb)

The Family Assessment–LDC Tool is a digital download product that includes:

  • License for up to 20 Workers (additional workers may be added for $10 per worker)
  • Assessment Form in Microsoft Word and PDF formats
  • Instructions for Using the Form and Interpreting Findings

Read Carefully Before Ordering

Your agency will be required to certify that the number of workers using the Family Assessment–LDC Tool does not exceed the total number of workers covered by your purchased license. If more than 20 workers will use this tool in your agency, you must pay an additional fee of $10 per worker. After you click "Add to Cart" below, follow the onscreen instructions to add workers to your license.

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Cost: $200

Note: The LDC Assessment Tool is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD product. After you place your order, you will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to download your training materials.

*Least Developed Countries are classified by the United Nations.