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Basic Fatherhood ManualBasic Fatherhood Training Curriculum Manual

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The National Family Preservation Network is pleased to present the first-of-its-kind Basic Fatherhood Training Curriculum.

NFPN is making this curriculum available to anyone interested in engaging and involving fathers in their children's lives. While the curriculum is aimed primarily at working with the non-custodial father not living with his children, the policies and principles can be used by anyone who works with fathers.

Sample Chapter Headings and Material from the Curriculum

    • What do we know about fatherhood?
      With one-third of fathers currently absent in their children's lives, there is a huge, untapped resource that must be addressed by the child welfare system.

    • Current Child Welfare Practices Regarding Fathers
      One child welfare worker, who has been employed for 24 years, stated, "We don't involve fathers; the system is mother-focused."

    • Agency Assessment and Policies
      "System changes are not easy and require leadership and commitment. Bring staff together, acknowledge that fathers have been ignored in the past, and outline how the agency will become more father-friendly."

    • Communicating with Fathers
      Your personal relationship with your father directly affects your professional working relationship with fathers.

    • Principles of Practice—Three Case Examples
      Give the father every opportunity that you would give the mother.

    • Evaluation Tools
      A tool for practitioners and a tool for administrators to measure progress in engaging and involving fathers in their children's lives.

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