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NCFAS-R Training PackageNCFAS-R Training Package

NFPN, in cooperation with Dr. Ray Kirk from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, has developed a training package for the North Carolina Family Assessment Scale for Reunification (NCFAS-R). The reliability and validity of this tool has been established through field-testing. In addition, 76% of the families were reunited at the test sites with only 6% of the children re-entering an out-of-home placement. These results meet the federal Child and Family Services Review standards. The Child Welfare League of America has granted Commendable Practice status for the use of the NCFAS-R with reunification cases.

For more information, read the complete research report on the NCFAS-R:
Download the NCFAS-R Research Report (PDF, 273.89 Kb)

The NCFAS-R Training Package contains:

  • NCFAS-R Scale and Definitions
  • License to Use the NCFAS-R (issued for the number of workers in your agency)
  • NCFAS-R Database Software (requires Windows 7/Vista/XP with Service Pack 2 or higher)
  • Case Example
  • Training Video
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Using the NCFAS-R
  • PowerPoint for Staff Training
  • Forms for Family Assessment & Case Planning

The NCFAS-R Training Package is offered on a limited basis, generally to current users of the tool. For more information, contact Michelle Reines, Executive Director, at 888-498-9047 or