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NCFAS-G+R Training PackageNCFAS-G+R Training Package

The National Family Preservation Network (NFPN) is pleased to present the most comprehensive version of the family of North Carolina Family Assessment Scales, the North Carolina Family Assessment Scale for General Services and Reunification (NCFAS-G+R).

The NCFAS-G+R includes the five domains of the NCFAS (Environment, Parental Capabilities, Family Interactions, Family Safety, and Child Well-Being), the three additional domains of the NCFAS-G (Social/Community Life,Self-Sufficiency, and Family Health), and the two domains of the NCFAS-R (Caregiver/Child Ambivalence and Readiness for Reunification).

The combined scale is intended for use by agencies that provide a wide variety of services for both intact and reunifying families.

 Download a sample of the NCFAS-G+R Scale and Definitions (645.26 Kb)

A training package on the NCFAS-G+R is also available.

The NCFAS-G+R Training Package includes:

  • NCFAS-G+R Scale and Definitions
  • License to Use the NCFAS-G+R (issued to the purchasing agency based on the number of workers who will use the tool)
  • Options for Data Entry System
  • Case Scenario and Sample Ratings
  • Forms for Case Planning
  • PowerPoint Presentation for Staff Training
  • Training Handouts
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Using the NCFAS-G+R
  • NCFAS-G+R Video Training-of-Trainers

The cost for the NCFAS-G+R Training Package is based on the number of agency workers using the tool.

Please read Purchasing An Assessment Tool, before requesting a price quote.


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NOTE: If your agency plans to license over 100 workers to use the NCFAS-G+R, please contact NFPN ( or 888-498-9047) to request a custom price quote.