CQI-IFPS Instrument Cover

CQI-IFPS Instrument for Private Providers (up to 40 workers) – $125

The CQI-IFPS Instrument is a digital download product. The package contains:

  • Cover Letter. Provides definition, basis in federal law/policy, and purpose of the CQI-IFPS Instrument.
  • CQI-IFPS Instrument. Includes 10 domains covering a total of 75 items.
  • Tally Sheet. A checklist for reviewers allowing tallying and comparison of up to 5 case files
  • Instructions for using the CQI-IFPS Instrument. How to prepare, review case files, debrief, and use findings to guide improvement in practice.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ ). Answers to common questions regarding the CQI-IFPS Instrument and supporting materials.

All of the contents are provided in PDF format, and the Instrument and Tally Sheet are also provided in Microsoft Word format, for wide accessibility and ease of use.

Purchase price for Private Providers with up to 40 workers is $125. Click "Add to Cart" to buy now.