NFPN Board Members


Anne Cornell, Chair
First Home Care
Silver Spring, Maryland

Experience: IFPS/Family Reunification Services; IFPS Administration, Program Development

Elizabeth S. McNamee, Vice-Chair
Manager, Organizational Development/Training
Canopy Children’s Solutions
Jackson, Mississippi

Experience: IFPS Administration, training

Sheila Searfoss, Secretary
Family Facets
Columbia, Missouri

Experience: IFPS Administration and Training; Trainer on Assessment Tools

Patricia Mowry, Treasurer
Vice President Clinical Services
Health Connect America, Inc.
Tyrone, Georgia

Experience: Agency Administrator; Trainer on Assessment Tools

Marc Crandall
Program Supervisor
Lifestream Behavioral Center
Eustis, Florida

Experience: Clinical psychologist, supervisor, administration

Ryan Estes
Treatment Operations Director
Coastal Horizons Center
Wilmington, North Carolina

Experience: IFPS Supervisor and Program Director

Todd Hickman
Chief Clinical Officer/Co-Founder
Health Connect America, Inc.
Memphis, Tennessee

Experience: IFPS direct services, clinical social work, administration

Moneefah Jackson
New Day - In Home Treatment & Supportive Services
Easton, Pennsylvania

Experience: Entrepreneur, Director, Supervisor, Trainer

Tammy Miller
South State Director
Canopy Children’s Solutions
Collins, Mississippi

Experience: LMSW, director, supervisor, trainer